Leadership Bachelor's Degree Area of Study

Earn Your B.A. Degree With a Leadership Area of Study

The Leadership Bachelor’s degree area of study through the Adult Professional Studies major is a multidisciplinary academic field of study that focuses on leadership in organizational contexts and in everyday life. Students enrolled in the Professional Studies Leadership Bachelor's degree program in this school of study will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to become leaders in organizations.

Bachelor’s degrees focusing in Leadership have become one of the fastest growing academic fields in higher education. If you're interested in a career managing and leading diverse teams in a variety of industry settings, the Professional Studies Adult B.A. in Leadership provides undergraduate students the opportunity to examine leadership styles and models, develop leadership potential and increase critical and strategic thinking abilities.

Adult students who wish to further their education through earning a bachelor’s degree online while focusing on leadership will find themselves well prepared for whatever challenges their career brings. At Marist College, we offer a completely flexible curriculum for the leadership program. All courses are offered online or on-campus. Students can earn their degree through a 100% virtual classroom, or choose to create a course structure combining a hybrid of online and on-campus classes. Whether you are transferring with credits from a community college or simply wish to return to school as a nontraditional student, the program has a variety of educational options that can help you earn a degree in a way that works for you.

On-campus and Online Leadership Courses

  • Organizational Communication – A Leadership degree course focusing on internal and external communication within an organization.
  • Social Networks & Virtual Teams – A course designed to emphasize leadership within a virtual network or organization.
  • Issues in Leadership - A course through the Leadership degree program that focuses on solutions to various issues in organizational leadership.
  • Change & Conflict – A Leadership degree course which focuses on methods for approaching change and conflict in organizations.

Marist College is located in New York. At Marist, we offer many fields of study both online and through on-location courses at our Poughkeepsie, NY campus. Contact us today to learn more about earning your Bachelor’s degree with a Leadership area of study.

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