Attending College as a Mature Student

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree as an Adult

Attending College as a Mature Student

It almost goes without saying that earning a bachelor’s degree can be a huge boon to your career, salary, and life as a whole. The skills learned by earning a 4-year bachelor’s degree serve as a launching pad for a lifetime of success. As the demand for college graduates grows within the job market, it is imperative that adults without degrees take advantage of higher education.

Attending college as a mature student can have many benefits. First and foremost, your career earnings will benefit greatly. Study after study shows that bachelor’s degree holders earn far more than non-degree holders, with some studies pegging this number around 75% or more. Over time, that can mean millions more in potential earnings. If you’re seeking a greater salary or earning potential, a bachelor’s degree can be the first step.

Despite the obvious benefits to your paycheck, there’s certainly no debating that attending college as a mature student is a large financial investment. Whereas traditional students often easily qualify for financial aid, mature students may exceed some income requirements that could limit their financial aid. Marist works to offer special scholarships, grants, and financial aid to adult undergraduates. We would suggest all adult bachelor’s degree students seeking aid apply for any applicable scholarships, grants, and FAFSA.

Earning your bachelor’s degree as an adult is certainly a different challenge than earning a degree as a teenager. Traditional students often lack the personal responsibilities of full-time work or a family; something not afforded to most mature students. But technology is leveling the playing field for adults seeking their bachelor’s degree. Marist College offers a nationally recognized online program to give mature students the same educational experience as their on-campus peers, with the flexibility of choosing their own schedules. We understand how essential a work-life balance is for our adult students, and work hard to accommodate their needs with our 100% online offerings.

Stated simply, earning your bachelor’s degree as an adult can open many doors and help you achieve your career goals. Given the highly competitive job market, we understand the importance of a degree, and the challenges our adult students may face as they make the decision to attend college. That’s why we have worked so hard to create a bachelor’s degree program that is not only beneficial, but easy to attend.

Make an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime. Contact us to learn more about the Marist's adult undergraduate degree programs. 

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