Transferring Credits from a Community College

Finishing Your Bachelor’s Degree After Community College

Darian Rivera, Special Events Coordinator at the Franklin D. Roosevelt President Library, on transferring credits from a community college to earn a Professional Studies degree.

There are many reasons to choose the Professional Studies program at Marist College, the number one being the opportunity to combine all of your interests into one degree.

Rivera was largely interested in communications and business, both of which he was able to study through the Marist College Professional Studies degree. In addition to the various educational opportunities, Rivera was also excited about the ability to transfer his credits from a community college. He was able to combine his different college experiences together towards finishing his Bachelor’s degree.

Marist College’s Professional Studies Bachelor’s degree program offers the opportunity for students to combine all of their interests into one field of study. Students are also able to transfer credits from a community college in order to assist in completing their degree. Learn more about transferring credits from a community college to the Marist College’s Professional Studies degree today.

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