What is the Tuition for the Adult Undergraduate Program?

Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s Degree Tuition

Tuition for the Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program has an estimated program cost of $18,750. This total reflects a full 30 credit hours at $625 per credit hour or $1875 per course. Costs are based on the 2015 - 2016 tuition and fee schedule and are subject to change at any time.

This Adult Undergraduate degree is one of the most affordable degree programs for adult learners. There are no supplemental campus residencies required for enrolled students. The tuition cost will vary depending on how many credits students choose to enroll for.

The Liberal Students Adult Bachelor’s degree is available through a 100% online, on-campus, or hybrid course structure. Students enrolled in this non-traditional Bachelor’s degree program have the option of completing their degree through a full or part-time course structure focusing on concentrations such as Data Center Technologies, Leadership, Enterprise Systems, Information Technology and Systems, American Studies, Organizational Leadership & Communication (OLC), Communication and the Arts, Economics, Professional Studies, Project Management, and/ or Psychology

Contact Marist College to discuss your tuition package and financial aid options to assist you in affording your Professional Studies bachelor degree.

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