Barnum Financial Group Recruits at Marist

Finance Company Brings Career Opportunities to the Marist Green

Barnum Financial Group held a recruiting event on the Marist green this past week to catch students that may be interested in a career in their field. Barnum employees and members of Marist Career Services stopped students as they passed by on their routes between academic buildings. They offered information on the Barnum Group and potential career opportunities.

Barnum Financial Recruits at MaristA white tent served as a backdrop for the event, at which Sodexo catered a barbecue-style lunch for attendees. Employees stood behind tables with pamphlets, pens and other Barnum paraphernalia, advertising their company and its career opportunities. Across from that, hackie sack and bocce ball games spread out on the green as an extension of the event.

“They’re here to talk with students about their internship opportunities, summer employment, and full-time jobs,” said Desmond Murray who works for Career Services, adding, “They basically are here to recruit students.” Murray spent the afternoon greeting students joining the event and answering their questions. Murray and Career Services had helped to coordinate the event, while Barnum employees organized recruitment.

Murray welcomed any passing Marist student into the event and said that it was open to anyone, though geared towards finance students. “These are people primarily interested in financial services but not necessarily,” Murray said. Certain students with relevant majors had received invitations and prepared for the event, but walk-ins were also welcome.

Barnum employee Susie Waters attended the event that day to explain to Marist students what Barnum is, what they do, and whether it is a good career path for them.“We do holistic financial planning and wealth management,” explained Waters. “So working with all different products, not just specializing in insurance or investments, we do it all. We sell everything from property and casualty insurance to wealth management.”

According to their official website, Barnum Financial Group services a diverse list of over 250,000 clients. They work with small and large businesses, individuals and their families, as well as government and not-for-profit organizations. This extensive client base is spread out across the country, with representatives from all fifty states.

After graduation, the commute to a branch of Barnum Financial Group would be plausible for most Marist students, even those living out of state. They have convenient offices for the surrounding areas, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

All along the North Eastern coast, Susie Waters and her colleague Jen work on talent acquisition. “We do the college recruiting for campuses from Northern New Jersey to Rhode Island,” Waters said. “So we do career fairs and different on-campus events. We do on-campus interviews and we speak to different clubs and organizations, and different classrooms.”

Barnum hires financial advisors in full-time positions, who basically help entrepreneurs build their businesses. They also offer part-time internships for Sophomore and Junior undergraduates. In the past couple of years, Waters estimates having worked with four Marist students at Barnum. One Marist student, Juliette, found exceptional success in the company. She ended up winning their version of “Shark Tank,” the company’s investment project.

Marist's Career Services offers many employment opportunities and recruitment events throughout the year, but this was the first of its kind. In the past month, days like the Career and Internship Fair and Career Consultation Day have brought in a long list of businesses and professionals from different fields. Events like that are geared towards a larger crowd of students from any major, looking to fill any type of position. While they can find similar, valuable career opportunities, students were able to get much more individual attention from the recruiters at Barnum Financial Group.

“The other events are not set up like this,” explains Murray, referring to the tent, food, lawn games, and intimate setting, “this was sort of a new idea, and a new concept, and very unique.” This new concept aimed to generate Marist student interest and create personal connections within a specific organization. “And it worked, it worked very well,” Murray concluded based on their turnout.

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

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