Fall Spirit Comes to the Marist Campus

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With a campus that has no shortage of scenic seasonal views, Marist College falls harder into fall than the average college student body. Such a small, tight-knit community has a disproportionate amount of opportunities to celebrate this festive time of year. Between the events organized by Student Activities, Student Government and Student Life, Halloween and fall-themed activities flood the Marist Calendar between September and November.

Fall Spirit Comes to the Marist Campus. Photo by Sophia Brana '17.Throughout the month of October, Marist offers a lot of outings under this seasonal theme. In the spirit of Halloween, Marist clubs organized themed trips to places like the Headless Horseman Haunted Hayride, the Eastern State Haunted Penitentiary and Six Flags’ Fright Fest. Tickets for these trips sold for 25 dollars on average, including transportation.

The Student Activities’ trip to Fright Fest at Six Flags was one of the most popular events of the season. This year, tickets almost completely sold out and Marist students filled three buses on their way to the park. Students arrived at Six Flags in the afternoon and rode the rides before the park turned to a giant haunted house in the evening.

“You get a good chunk of time at the park and with all of those scary people and zombies walking around,” said Gabby, a building manager for Student activities who enjoyed the trip in a previous year.

Even the movie screenings, which play every Friday and Saturday night in the student center, follow a Halloween theme for the last weekend in October. “For every Halloween weekend we try to pick a scary movie,” Gabby explained.

Fall Spirit Comes to the Marist Campus. Photo by Sophia Brana '17.After surveying Marist students on their preferred Halloween movie, the Student Activities Committee put on the The Conjuring 2 for horror movie fans. This, like all Marist movie nights, was free of charge--and a fun way to get scared a few nights before Halloween.

Additionally, Student Activities hosted a Halloween-themed event leading up to the movie on Friday night. They offered trivia and snacks to jump start Marist into Halloween weekend. This is similar to the Halloween-themed Bingo night held in the Cabaret during the week before Halloween. Students can munch on candy and snacks while playing to win a variety of prizes.

This year, Marist’s fall Mainstage play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, fit right into the festivities of the season. In years past, this production has gone up weeks earlier and has not managed to parallel the themes of Halloween so festively. The plot of Shakespeare’s popular play revolves around fairies and spells, and Marist College's Club of Theatre Arts’ rendition was complete with spectacular costumes, makeup, and sets along with magical characters.

“The show takes place in a magical and mystical environment, which allows adventure and disguise and mystery to thrive--just like Halloween!” said Melissa Mandia, a Marist student and actor in the show. Fittingly, the show went up for Marist audiences the Thursday before Halloween and ran until Sunday, October 30th. Attending the show was a cheap treat, as tickets for students are only $5.

Another event, previously known as “Gartland Trick or Treat” has been a Halloween tradition at Marist for many years. For the first time since the old Gartland common has been remodeled, the Trick or Treating took place in Foy, the neighboring community of Sophomore housing, under the name “Residence Halloween.”

For the tradition, children of faculty members and local communities come to the Marist campus to "Trick or Treat" down the line of student townhouses. The families dress up in their Halloween costumes and knock on the doors of the Sophomores. Marist students are encouraged to put out candy and decorate their houses for the Halloween season.

“Gartland Trick or Treat was really fun last year,” said Steven Lamaita, a junior who lived in Gartland as a Sophomore. “It was a great way to provide the kids in surrounding neighborhoods with a safe Halloween experience,” he remembered fondly.

Without any organization, ticket sales, or formal activities, the Marist campus celebrates fall in its own way every single day. One of the school’s most defining characteristics is its scenery, from rolling green lawns, to fiery leaves and painted landscapes across the river. This time of year, Marist is the poster child for a picturesque fall season.

“The Hudson Valley is just one of the most beautiful regions in the fall,” explained Rachel, a student working at Student Activities. “You can walk to class and you have a view across the river of the mountains and leaves changing.” With views like this, every stroll across campus and view through a window keeps the spirit of fall alive in Marist students.

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

Photo by Sophia Brana '17

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