Marist's Career and Internship Fair

Students from All Class Years Benefit from Professional Explorations

Every semester, Marist holds a Career and Internship Fair with employers in the region. All students, regardless of their class year or major, are encouraged to attend to scope out the job market, network with relevant companies, and potentially start their careers.

Leading up to the big day, students pick out appropriate business attire and print copies of their most updated resumes. If not dressed properly, they will be turned away and without a resume, they will have no way to leave their mark with prospective employers. However, these tedious requirements are meant to prepare them for the professional world ahead of them.

On the day of the event, students in heels and suits head to the McCann Center, where employers have set up in the small gym. They check their business jackets at a rack at the door, before entering the sea of young professionals, and the companies in their sights.

This semester, the room is buzzing with a variety of big name retail, finance, and advertising companies. Their booths line the outer walls of the gym, and then make another smaller ring in the center. Students loop around the room with employers on either side of them.

Some tables hand out candy or keychains, but of course, the employers have much more to offer than these little trinkets. Every booth has pamphlets about their company, internship information, and applications, which they hand out in exchange for a professional resume.

If students are lucky, the company may even offer them an employment or internship opportunity.

At the fall career fair, Francesca Astino was one of these lucky students. Astino, a senior business major, attended as an assignment for her Employment Practicum class. She was just as nervous and stressed out as everyone else, she says, but kept it together as she handed in her resume to the Anderson Center for Autism that day.

Her courtship of the job was less based on luck and more on the professional conduct that Astino learned in her career development class.

She reached out to them afterward, sending a thank you email for speaking with her, and then asking about their internship opportunities. From there, they had her come in for an interview and hired her as a Human Resources intern for the Spring semester.

“I get a lot of hands-on experience,” Astino raves of the opportunity she gained from the Career and Internship Fair, “it’s not just busy work.” She is in charge of hiring and recruitment, which involves going to career fairs at schools in the area, including Marist.

Astino’s success story has come full circle, as she now sits on the other side of the company’s booth in McCann. Throughout the day, she answers questions about internships and accepts resumes, just as the Anderson Center did for her a few months before.

While helping her fellow Marist students, Astino was still able to observe their professional behavior. “I kind of learned off of them even though I didn’t go around and talk with employers,” she says.

Last semester, the fall of her senior year, was the first and only time Astino attended the event as a job applicant. Though she admits that she should have taken advantage earlier.

“It gives you an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills,” she explains, “and talk to prospective employers.” In addition, “you have to practice dressing in interview-appropriate clothes and prepare your resume,”

There are students who don't attend the fair, thinking that the employers who attend would not have opportunities for their majors. However, the Career and Internship fair is open to all majors for good reason and can be utilized by any student. Upon inquiry, the employers have positions to fill in a variety of different fields, as would any thriving company.

Any major can go up to them and ask if they have something for them,” Astino explains, “but a lot of people just don’t even try.”

Even so, every year the Office of Career Services seeks out a greater variety of employers for the Career and Internship Fair. Without a doubt, this event is an invaluable resource for all Marist students, and, as it did for Astino, can launch them into the professional world.

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18


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