Kelly HallKelly Hall

Hometown: Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Major/Minor: Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Clubs/Activities: I am a student in Marist's Honors Program. I immediately became involved on campus when I moved in early freshman year to participate in the Marist Singers. By second semester I was a member of three different choirs under the Singers umbrella and selected for the position of librarian on the executive board. Besides choir, I also loved participating in SPC (Student Programming Council), Habitat for Humanity, Campus Ministry, Ambassadors, and giving tours as a Marist tour guide.

How did you choose Marist: I didn't have a first choice when applying to colleges, and decided to go to Marist because of its great reputation, beautiful campus, and wide variety of things to do. The friendliness of everyone I met immediately when I moved on campus really made the transition to college life very easy for me.

What is your favorite part of Marist: I love the size of Marist because every day I see familiar faces as I walk to class, but at the same time, I meet at least one new person at each event I attend. Due to the small class size, you REALLY do get the one-on-one attention from your professors. Marist also provides tons of opportunities for on and off campus activities. For example, at least once a month Marist sells $25 tickets, including bus transportation, into the city to see some of the best Broadway shows! After my lack of enthusiasm to begin college, I never thought I would love a place as much as I love Marist. As my family always points out, I'm so "gung ho" I even own a pair of Marist flip-flops!