Kristen Carle

Kristen Carle

Home Town: Randolph, NJ
Major / Minor: Double Major in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising, Minor in Business

Clubs/Activities: Singers, Fashion inc., Intramural Lacrosse, Ambassadors, Tutoring (Sewing and Spanish)

How did you choose Marist: I was looking for a 4-year school with a strong fashion design program and liberal arts program, which is a rarity because fashion design is generally a major found at art schools. The moment I stepped on campus, I knew that Marist was the place for me; I just felt so at home!

What do you like best about Marist: Everyone is so friendly! I feel like I make a new friend every day! People are also really courteous and polite... there isn't a day that I have stood near someone on a line to get food who hasn't said please and thank you. That's a big deal; it shows a lot about the character of the students that Marist accepts.

What was your favorite class: I actually don't have any classes I dislike, but my favorite class would have to be Design Studio Techniques... it's a three hour sewing lab, and sewing is one of my favorite things to do as it is! I'm getting grades to do something that I love! Who could ask for anything more?

Best part of living on campus: When you live on campus, you become extremely close with your friends because while you're at school, they function as your family. I've only been here for two months, but I feel like the friendships I've made are going to last for a very long time.

Marist on the weekends: There is a lot to do on the weekends! During the day, I usually either play board games with my friends or do homework, and at night, I can always find something exciting to do! Student Activities also offers a lot; I'm going to Six Flags this Sunday! That's exciting!