Nick SmithNick Smith

Home Town: West Islip, New York
Major / Minor: Spanish Education/ Psychology

Clubs / Activities: At Marist, I am currently the Vice-President for the Class of 2012. I also am a part of the Marist Ambassadors in which I am a liaison of Marist and help prospective college students with their college search. In my Residence Hall, I am the Director of Public Relations. I also am a part of the Marist Singers as well as Marist College Council on Theater Arts (MCCTA). I enjoy keeping busy, and getting involved is an amazing way to make new friends!

How did you choose Marist: I enjoyed walking throughout campus and talking to different people, I found it has all I could have asked for! The Music Department is wonderful so this has helped me continue what I loved doing in high school. The atmosphere is inviting, comforting, and always eventful.

What was your favorite class: I luckily enjoy all of my classes. I love my Spanish class because my professor is great. She brings in songs for us to sing in Spanish, which is a lot of fun.

Where did you study abroad: I have not studied abroad yet, but I absolutely intend to. I plan on studying for two semesters in Madrid, Spain. I am beyond excited!

Marist on the weekends: There is ALWAYS something to do. The Student Programming Council always has activities from Movies, to Broadway trips, to Six Flags trips. Also Student Activities has board games, movies, billiards and video games that we can rent out. There is never a dull moment!