Richard MejiaRichard Mejia

Home Town: Bellerose, NY
Major/Minor: Information technology and systems

Clubs/Activities: Men's spirituality group: basically a place to relax and talk with some good friends about whatever is on our minds. Includes retreats and is headed by Brother Rob. Emerging leaders: Seminars to help you find your strengths and weaknesses to improve your leadership, organization, and planning skills. Student Government: General Member. Give input on issues and help facilitate solutions

How did you choose Marist: I had a friend that was attending here that had gone to my high school. I decided to come up and take the tour and all that jazz. I enjoyed it so I applied not knowing if I really wanted to come here yet. I was accepted so I came back for a second look. I was completely blown away. I was able to narrow it down to Marist and another school back home. After finding out that the CS/IS/IT program there was not as good and it seemed, Marist was the clear winner, to my mom's disapproval because I am too far from home!

What do you like best about Marist: I enjoy the people here. I believe the students are really fun and outgoing which is a welcome change from home for me. Its great always having people wanting to do almost anything you want to do at all time of the day.

What was your favorite class: Web programming. I had a great teacher who I have now for Database Management, another favorite class. It was very interesting to learn something then be able to see myself work on it and have a result right away. And it came to me easily so that's always good!

Where did you study abroad: Study abroad in Madrid Spring 2008: Amazing experience that since I've been back I have been pushing everyone I meet to participate in. This was definitely a life changing experience. Well worth the 4 months away from home. Really opened my mind up to how big this world is.

Best part of living on campus: Having everyone live so close. The geographic range of Marist students is pretty diverse. It's pretty cool having a friend from Alaska, Washington, California, Texas, and of course the metropolitan area all within 5 minutes walking. You never have to travel very far to run into a friend to hang out with.

Marist on the weekends: Plenty of things to do. If you want to stay on campus and catch a movie or play some games Campus Activities has movies and game boards for rent. If your into pool or ping pong they can help you out with that. If you like going out there is a decent amount of bars and clubs you can choose from. Cabs will take you out into Poughkeepsie for $2! Try even getting in a cab in NYC for $2!