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Master’s in Business Administration Graduate Degree Concentrations

Marist Online MBA ConcentrationsThe Marist online MBA degree attracts graduate students from a wide array of industries and academic disciplines. Students attending graduate school at Marist College have the option of choosing several online concentrations to focus on while earning an MBA degree. Each MBA concentration is a comprehensive degree program that instills best business practices throughout the entire program.

Trying to decide which online MBA degree concentration is best for your professional goals? Read more about the Ethical Leadership, Financial Management and Health Care Administration MBA concentrations.

Ethical Leadership Online MBA

The global economy has been shaken in the past decade by the outcomes of large organizations and local governments being led by unethical leaders. In order to provide an educated solution to this dilemma, Marist College has developed the Ethical Leadership concentration within the MBA degree program. The Master's in Business Administration concentration addresses the critical leadership issues in modern business. Through the MBA in Ethical Leadership program, graduate students are able to broaden their knowledge of ethics within the business world, providing an educational experience concentrating on developing effective, ethical leaders.
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Ethical Leadership MBA courses.

Financial Management Online MBA

The Financial Management concentration exposes Business Administration graduate students to the three pillars of Finance: Corporate Finance, Investment, and Financial Markets and Institutions. Building on the program’s core, MBA students within this concentration will learn the skills needed to solve real-world problems in global business firms. 
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Healthcare Administration Online MBA

Healthcare managers face problems unique to the Healthcare industry, from working within the framework of extensive regulation, to managing a diverse and highly educated workforce. Meeting these unique challenges efficiently requires a unique curriculum. The Master’s in Business Administration Healthcare program provides graduate students with critical information needed to effectively manage the unique industry issues within the healthcare organization career.
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