Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for the Master in Education program?
Qualified individuals seeking Initial Teaching Certification in New York State Adolescent Education (7-12) in the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Mathematics, History, and Spanish.

Is the GMAT or GRE required?
No, standardized test scores are not required for the Master of Education initial teaching certification program. 

When are the application deadlines?
Applications are accepted year round with a fall semester deadline of April 15. Classes begin in late August.

What is the cost of the Master of Master of Education program?
The current tuition rate is $550 per credit.

Are there any types of financial aid available for prospective students?
Assistance for graduate students at Marist is available in many forms including low-interest loans and need-based grants. It is recommended that students file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at as soon as possible. Financial packages will be sent to students upon acceptance to Marist. For more information on financial aid opportunities and deadlines, visit

How long does it take to complete the Master of Education degree program?
 Coursework may be completed either through full-time or part-time study. The program is designed so that it can be completed by a full-time student in three to four semesters, completing 9 or 12 credits each semester. Part-time graduate students/candidates must complete the program within five years from matriculation in the program. 

Do I need to have a specific undergraduate degree to pursue the Master of Education degree at Marist College?
Applicants to the Master of Education program must have an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative grade-point average of a 3.0 and  have completed an academic major or its equivalent in the area of certification sought; or a minimum of 30 credit hours in the content area completed before admission to the program.

How do I apply to the Master of Education program?
Students can apply online through Marist's online application.

Where can I find the application requirements?
All admission requirements, deadlines, and contact information can be found on our Master of Education Admission page.

How do I obtain my books?
Textbooks can be ordered online and shipped to you, or purchased on-campus through the Marist College Bookstore.

Are there services to help me find a job?
The Marist College Office of Career Services provides students with assistance in job placement throughout the course of their enrollment in the program and upon graduation from the program. FoxQuest is a fully online job and internship search tool which allows students to search for and apply for positions from any location. Additionally, the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences may have employment opportunities that eligible students and alumni may apply for.

Where can I learn more about the courses or requirements associated with this program?
To learn more about the course descriptions, requirements, and faculty associated with the Master of Education program, please visit the Marist College School of Social and Behavioral Sciences website.