Master of Science in Information Systems

Master's of Science in Information Systems Graduate Degree

Online or On-Campus

MSIS Technology and Systems Management Degree

The Master of Science in Information Systems offers an advanced information system and technology education for IT and business professionals looking to advance their knowledge in the technology sector. The Marist College Information Systems Management graduate degree program provides expertise and experience in both computer science and business administration technical courses. Our graduate MSIS degree program focuses on applying information technology to improve the performance of people in organizations. The Master’s of Science in Information Systems graduate degree is especially appropriate for technical and business professionals who wish to become agents of organizational change, innovators and technical thought leaders of the future.

Three potential student groups benefit the most from our Master’s of Science in Information Systems graduate degree program: business professionals seeking to master the language of technology; technologists looking to deepen and round out their skills; and professionals from other disciplines looking to make themselves more marketable in our increasingly technology-dependent organizations.

If you wish to expand your information systems knowledge, learn new frameworks, and get hands on experience with modernized tools, then Marist College’s Master’s in Information Systems program is perfect for you. Our Master’s in Information Systems and Technology Management graduate degree is available as a completely online degree, an on-campus graduate program, or a combination of both. Contact Marist to learn more about earning your Information Systems or Information Technology Master’s degree. Earn your MSIS degree on-campus or online, by creating a flexible course schedule and earning your degree in your free time.

One Master’s Degree, Two Tracks:
Information Systems or Information Technology

The Information Systems Master’s of Science graduate degree offers two tracks to choose from while earning your MSIS degree. Graduate students interested in the program are encouraged to explore the track that best suits their interest, background and / or career goals.

Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management (ISM)

  • Business application focus
  • Practical applications of information systems in the workplace
  • The foundation for professionals who aspire to become Chief Information Officers

Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management (ITM)

  • Information technology focus
  • Problem-solving skills and techniques needed to provide computer-based solutions to practical problems
  • The foundation for students who aspire to become Chief Technology Officers

The primary areas of study of the Master’s of Science in Information Systems graduate include information systems technology, systems concepts and processes, and organization functions and management (including interpersonal and organizational behavior). The MSIS graduate degree program places strong emphasis on both the technological and business aspects of systems management and design. Information Systems students are frequently expected to participate in team situations to enhance both their systems thinking and their interpersonal skills. Multiple MSIS graduate degree courses are real-client based in order to enhance the student’s consultative skills and experience.

Master’s of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) Degree Areas of Emphasis:

  • Review and Analysis of Client Requirements
  • Analyzing Planning
  • Designing Information Systems
  • Developing Information Systems
  • Implementing Information Systems Applications
  • Managing Information Systems Development Operation

At Marist College, our on-campus / online Master’s in Information Systems faculty teaches the technology and business skills you need to work across departments. Students will learn to identify, analyze and conceptualize solutions for information technology and systems management issues facing an organization. Whether you are looking to change careers, further your education, or advance your career the Information Systems Master’s degree program provides the advanced professional courses necessary to enhance career development and educational opportunities.

Marist College is located in Poughkeepsie, New York. We consistently attract online and campus-based students from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, the North East, and all U.S. states as well as many countries across the world. Contact us to learn more about earning your Master’s of Science in Information Systems through our flexible online or on campus curriculum.