Blended Business and Technology Master’s Degree

Earning a Technology and Data Analysis Degree for Business Professional Use

In today’s modern business world, “big data” is often the most critical element between success and failure. Organizations who are able to harness big data position themselves to create more efficient processes internally, and better products externally. The same is true of today’s business professionals. Those who can mix their business knowledge with the ability to analyze and make sense of big data will be uniquely positioned for career success.

Blended Business and Technology Master’s DegreeThrough the Marist College Information Systems Management Master’s Degree Program, graduate students gain the skills to combine business, strategy, and technical skills tailored towards today’s complex business world. Marist College’s blended business-technology program gives students the knowledge to be innovators in an increasingly connected world. This hyper-connectivity makes a blended Business and Technology Master’s degree a necessity for those looking to build a career in the world of business.

Marist offers a Technology and Data Analysis focus in the MSIS degree for business professionals looking to further their technical knowledge. Earning your MSIS technology and data analysis degree will give you the tools to analyze and act upon big data. Graduates of this program will be leaders in identifying opportunities for efficiency, innovators in the technology arena, and conduits to better connections between businesses and their customers. Graduates are uniquely positioned for roles such as Strategy Managers, Advertising and Marketing professionals, Systems and Business Analysts, Data Administrators and Auditors, Information Systems Managers and Consultants, and much more.

With a blended business and technology master’s degree, your portfolio of marketable skills will be well rounded, giving you a leg up over other candidates who may be lacking in one area or the other. What’s more, you’ll be at the cutting edge of both the technological and business world, giving you a chance to be an innovator and thought leader for your organization.

If you’re interested in earning a blended business and technology master’s degree from Marist, you’ll be learning from some of the top minds in the world of business and technology, while attending a college with a nationwide reputation for technological excellence.


Published by Laura Zurowski


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