Full-Time Online Master's in Information Systems

Earn A MSIS Information Systems or Technology degree as a Full-Time Graduate Student

There are three types of Information Systems professionals who can benefit highly from the Marist College Master’s of Science in Information Systems (MSIS): professionals looking to master the language of technology, technologists who want to advance their skills, and professionals interested in becoming more marketable in their technology-dependent field.

Full-time graduate students are suggested to enroll in at least three courses, totaling 9 credits each semester in order to complete the program in a timely manner and retain modern knowledge of technology systems. The graduate program director can limit the number of courses scheduled in any given semester in coordination with a student’s professional workload. All MSIS students are given 7 years to complete their desired track unless given an extension by the graduate director.

The MSIS program is offered on-campus in the evening or online. The schedule of courses is determined by the graduate director prior to registration. Conflicts in scheduling should be planned for ahead of time.

Prospective MSIS graduate students can review curriculum for completing their MSIS degree at Marist College to decide which MSIS track is appropriate for their career advancement. Contact us to learn more about enrolling in the MSIS graduate degree program through our flexible online part-time structure.