Information Systems Policy Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 730 Core Course – Information Systems Masters Degree Class

The MSIS 730 Information Systems Policy graduate degree course builds on previous courses in the Information Systems program. The Information Systems Policy MSIS program encompasses a multitude of diverse subjects found through our the MSIS Information Technology and Systems Management degree programs. The course provides closure on subjects addressed throughout the curriculum.

Taught in seminar style, the Information Systems Policy course addresses the critical thinking of students in relation to current information systems and technology issues. MSIS graduate students are forced to develop strategic solutions for issues examined throughout the course. Students are challenged to think on an executive level, forcing students to analyze, synthesize, and respond at the highest organizational level. During the duration of the Information Systems Policy class entrepreneurial views are valued and encouraged.

Emphasis is placed on the overall information needs of an organization and what role information systems play in meeting those needs. Students enrolled in the Information Systems Policy graduate level course explore critical issues relating to managing and administrating the information-systems function.

Alternative structures for matching an information-systems department to the structure and behavior of an organization are examined. The information centers, decision-support center, end-user computing, and other concepts emerging from the evolution of information technology are discussed. A major research paper based on a thorough literature search of primary sources in information systems and related fields are required of each student.

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Prerequisites: Completion of MSIS 537, MSIS 567, MSIS 647, and MSIS 657. Enrollment is limited. Those students closed out of one semester are assured entry for the next offered class. Spring semester or as needs required two semesters before the course is to be taken.

Information Systems Policy Graduate Degree Course - Credits Earned (3 credits)