Earning Your Master’s in Information Technology at a School with Industry Partnerships

Earning your Master's in Technology through real world experience

Information Technology School with Industry PartnershipsQuite simply, there’s no substitute for real world experience. The skills you acquire through hands-on work are invaluable, especially to potential employers. Through partnerships with industry leaders in the field of technology, the Marist Master’s of Science in Information Systems Technology (MSIS) helps students gain the real world experience and skills they need to attract the attention of employers in this high demand sector.

The importance of earning your Master’s of Science in Information Systems Technology at a school with industry partnerships can be seen in many ways. MSIS students benefit from several long-standing research development partnerships with high-profile corporate entities and government agencies. These partnerships are housed on campus in the Hancock Center, which houses the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as the Center for Collaborative and On-Demand Computing, the Institute for Data Center Professionals, and the IBM-Marist Joint Study Project. The Hancock Center also aids in regional and statewide economic development initiatives, with office space for start-ups, high-tech education, collaborative workspaces, and laboratories with shared access to advanced IBM server technologies and Cisco networking systems.

Marist MSIS graduate students are able to take advantage of these partner programs, furthering their learning potential, while expanding their real world experience. MSIS students apply their knowledge to regional small businesses and non-profit groups as a way to not only help these entities, but to gain practical experience and expand their skill-sets.

Earning your Master’s of Science in Information Systems Technology at a school with industry partnerships can also help you build a strong network of professional connections. Working with partners such as IBM keeps Marist MSIS students at the forefront of technology, with the added bonus of working side by side with some of the top professionals in their fields. This type of exposure can give MSIS students a major advantage when it comes to securing a job after graduation.

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain real world experience through the Marist MSIS industry partnerships. When you learn and work side by side with industry giants such as IBM, you graduate with a resume few of your peers can hope to match. Contact a Marist representative today to learn more.  

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