Masters in Information Systems for Business Professionals

Furthering Your Career in Business Through an Information Systems Graduate Degree

For business professionals looking to further their career in the world of Systems Management, the Marist College Information Systems Management (ISM) Master’s Degree Track provides a graduate degree program that allows students to develop a deeper understanding of business, strategy, and technical skills for the business world. If you’re looking for upward career mobility in the world of business technology, a Master’s in Information Systems if the right choice for you.

Marist College’s Master’s in Information Systems offers a blended business-technology program that helps ISM students gain the expertise necessary to succeed in today’s hyper-connected business world. As technology and its uses continues to grow and become more complex, those with advanced degrees in Information Systems will find themselves uniquely positioned to lead in the era of “Big Data.” The ISM Degree Program prepares students for jobs as Systems Analysts, Senior Designers, Business Analysts, Data Administrators, Data Processing Auditors, Information Systems Managers and Consultants, IT Professors, Chief Information Officers, Information Systems Project Managers, and much more.

The Master’s in Information Systems Degree Program equips students with a wide array of competencies to help them navigate the complex world of business technology. Core classes cover topics such as Systems & Information Concepts, Information Analysis, Marketing, Management, and Finance Foundations, Statistics, and much more. It is through these core classes that students develop a full understanding of what Information Systems comprises when set in a business environment.

The requirements for entry into the ISM program are pretty simple; a desire to learn more about the technology world to become more marketable for employers. Professionals with little technology background routinely graduate from the ISM program and go on to enjoy successful careers. Your Marist advisor will work with you to ensure you are given the proper courses to meet your desired goals. For those with technology backgrounds, you will find yourself exposed to not only new software tools, but also business and problem solving skills. This will help you to develop the skills necessary to become a Chief Technology or Chief Information Officer.

The Master’s in Information Systems also helps business professionals to better understand the quickly changing landscape of technology. Having even a remote grasp of this world is an extremely valuable skill for business professionals as they look to create efficiencies in their own businesses and teams. Simply, the more you understand, the better decisions you can make.

If you’re a business professional looking to further your career in an exciting, fast-paced, increasingly valuable way, the Marist Information Systems Master’s Degree is the perfect degree for you. Call to speak with a representative today. 


Published by Laura Zurowski

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