How an M.S. in Information Systems Can Accelerate Your Business Career

MSIS Degree for Business Professionals

How an M.A. in Information Systems Can Excel Your Business CareerEarning your M.S. in Information Systems can provide a major boost to your business career. Considering the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives, and the wide expanse of technological capabilities within the corporate world, an M.S. in Information Systems is the perfect degree to help business professionals separate themselves in the eyes of employers.

The MSIS degree for business professionals is a comprehensive graduate degree program that provides advanced expertise and experience in computer science and business administration. The goal of the MSIS degree for business professionals is to give them the tools to apply information technology and "big data" to help improve the performance of organizations and their employees.

One aspect of the MSIS degree that is extremely beneficial for business professionals is the focus on data analysis. Technology has introduced a wealth of new information and data sources for businesses that help them improve processes, better address customer needs, and a plethora of other applications. This big data will be a major boon to organizations that can properly harness it and apply it.

Business Skills Acquired Through an M.S. Degree in Information Systems

The M.S. in Information Systems helps to excel your business career by teaching you how to comb through, analyze and apply this big data. With these skills, you can properly identify areas of technological opportunity and create an invaluable skillset for the constantly evolving world of corporate technology. Additionally, this understanding of business analytics leaves you uniquely positioned to conceptualize solutions for issues facing your organization. Not only will you be able to identify areas of opportunity, you'll know exactly how to take advantage of them.

Our M.S. in Information Systems can be done online through our nationally recognized online degree program. This is the perfect solution for busy professionals who may not have the time or ability to commit to an on-campus program. You can earn your MSIS degree on your own time, while still getting the same high-quality education as your on campus peers.

If you're interested in earning your M.S. in Information Systems putting your career on the fast track to success, contact a Marist College representative to begin exploring all the options available to you.


Published by Laura Zurowski

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