Information Systems Analysis and Design Graduate Degree Course

MSIS 570 Systems Analysis and Design – Information Systems Masters Degree Class

The primary objectives of this course are to introduce participants to concepts and techniques for analyzing problems and designing information systems that address those problems. Through team projects, students will develop an understanding of the systems development life cycle, the systems analyst’s roles and responsibilities, and the interpersonal skills necessary to analyze business problems. Both managerial and technological aspects of sys­tems design and implementation are consid­ered, including the process of planning for change and post-implementation reviews. Emphasis is on a total systems solution rather than software alone. Students will study systems from the analysis through the implementation phase. Upon completion of the course, participants will understand how to identify and refine requirements, as well as how to complete process, data, and logic modeling within an object-oriented analysis framework. 

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Systems Analysis and Design Graduate Degree Course - Credits Earned (3 credits)