Corporate Culture, Character and Brand Image Working Together – A Crucial Business Need

Presented by Mary Boone President At Boone Associates

Now, more than ever, communication professionals are accountable for their programs and strategies, and they also have more power to shape the way in which companies do business. Mary Boone, a leading authority on organizational communication and author of Leadership and the Computer and Managing Interactively, speaks on the concept of corporate character: "Integrated marketing communication is addressing something that's crucial in today's business world," she notes, "and that is the intersection between brand and culture." Boone asserts that the culture of the organization has to be consistent with the values and mission it expresses through all of its communications. Marist College's M.A. in IMC was created in collaboration with the College's many New York City media partners to provide a substantial and thorough education in the field, with courses and projects aimed at real-world, immediate, and relevant issues.

Integrated marketing communication faculty, students, alumni, and industry professionals all agree on the importance of brand identity and the promising future of integrated marketing communications. The opportunity for growth in this field is expected to surge over the next decade, as the rapid delivery of messages through Web-enabled markets as well as the explosion of social media outlets makes keeping your message consistent more important than ever.
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Written by Laura Zurowski

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