Adapting Integrated Marketing Messages to Technology

Presented by Tom Troland

Adapting Integrated Marketing Messages to TechnologyIntegrated marketing communication is about adapting the message to the technology, and has been going on for a long time. "The right tool for the right audience," says Tom Troland, media brand advisor and independent consultant, "is a basic principle first noted by Marshall McLuhan." While noting that McLuhan's observations were based on adapting print communications to the media of television and radio—which were new channels of communication for an earlier time, Troland considers how today's technology influences the kind of messages we send, and the importance of integrated marketing communication to keep brand and mission messages on target.

According to Troland, the Master's Program in Integrated Marketing Communication at Marist will provide an education that has immediate application as well as long-term sustainability, and the challenge to brand and message consistency will always require new thinking to adapt to new environments. "With the current explosion in messaging through social media outlets, and the prospect for new innovations in mobile platforms and elsewhere, an integrated marketing communication degree is a great foundation for long-term success," he notes.

Tom Troland is a Media Brand Advisor and Independent Consultant currently working on national projects with former CEOs of Time Inc., Kraft Foods, and other major national chains. Integrated marketing communication faculty, students, alumni, and industry professionals all agree on the importance of brand identity and the promising future of integrated marketing communications. The opportunity for growth in this field is expected to surge over the next decade, as the rapid delivery of messages through Web-enabled markets as well as the explosion of social media outlets makes keeping your message consistent more important than ever.

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Written by Laura Zurowski

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