IMC Graduate Degree Role in Broadcasting and Community Engagement

Engaging Audiences Through Public Service Announcements Across Media Platforms

James Baumann, Senior Vice President of National Accounts & Media Marketing for the Ad Council, explains the IMC graduate degree role in the broadcasting and community engagement of targeted public service announcements.

Generally speaking, you need to execute all your different discrete media efforts in a consistent way. If you were a big brand-paying advertiser, you would have a media schedule of various different mediums. You would have a TV schedule, radio schedule, and print schedule, in addition to whatever is the best in terms of your target audience. Each of these assets you create for a company's media schedule have to complement each other, while at the same time, work as a singular strategy. Execution wise, each strategy can be very different. There's video and audio, versus just audio, versus passive, versus active, versus push technology and pull technology. The unique difference at the Advertising Council is that because revenue relies on a donated media model, the schedule cannot be controlled. Every single one of the marketing assets needs to stand-alone.

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