Earning a Modern Marketing Master's Degree

How Marketing and Communication Became Integrated Marketing Communication

Jason Farago, Head of Marketing & Communications at Alternatives and Real Assets, Americas and Deutsche Bank, on the importance of earning a modern marketing Master's degree and how marketing and communication became Integrated Marketing Communication.

Think the words communications and marketing when you hear integrated marketing communications; the two are one in the same. The lines of marketing and communication have blurred considerably over the last 10 to 15 years. I remember when graduating, if you were a communications major you focused on media relations with internal communications for a big company or working for a PR agency doing public relations media. Then you had your advertising agencies who were just that, advertisers. Then somewhere along the way you had PR agencies doing marketing, media agencies coming up with brand concepts, public relations agencies jumping back into messaging platforms.

After the various marketing sectors lines began to blur came the rise of digital, all of a sudden the walls of these very distinct sectors came down. As a result of this uniform marketing plane, it is now imperative that the modern marketing degree follow suit. This is where the Integrated Marketing Communication Master's degree was born. Marist College offers an online IMC degree focusing on the aspects of a modern marketing Master's degree.