Skills of a Candidate in the Integrated Marketing Communications Field

What Kind of Skills and People Gravitate Towards an IMC Career

Assistant Dean of Communications Mary Alexander offers her thoughts on what kind of skills make for a good candidate to succeed in Integrated Marketing Communications, as well as what kind of people are gravitated to this field.

You transform into a communication person and marketing when you gain the ability to think about how people receive your message. The right candidate for the Integrated Marketing Communications graduate degree program is a person who can develop skills in observing responses both in the mathematical format, the face-to-face format, and the feedback format. A person who's good at observing cultural values of any situation in which a message is distributed in order to observe cultural sensitivity, cultural expertise between nations and even neighborhoods. A good IMC candidate also has fun with language, some messages are visual, others sound and/or video.

The Marist College IMC Graduate degree program is the ideal Master's degree for marketing professionals looking to expand their knowledge of modern day marketing tactics, while learning how to create a unified message.