An IMC Degree Can Prepare You for a Career in Public Relations

Earn Your Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication

Earn Your Master’s in Integrated Marketing CommunicationEarning your Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication can provide students with a skillset to prepare for a career in public relations. The public relations field is growing fast and is a necessary aspect of many industries. Healthcare, financial and professional services, technology, public affairs, athletics, and education industries are all actively hiring public relations professionals to assist in areas of brand management and content creation.

The Marist IMC degree includes courses that give enrolled students the practice of each area involved in professional public relations. As aspiring public relations professionals, it is important to become “dual-competent”, which means to understand all areas of the practice and industry of which you are interested in landing a job. Marist can help by providing an education that allows IMC graduate students to gain the broad understanding of the PR practice.

Integrated Marketing Communication Courses

Curriculum for the graduate students enrolled in the IMC program include Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising Management, Public Relations Management, Social Media Strategies and Tactics, Marketing Research, Marketing Foundations, Brand Management, Analytics Tools for Decision Making, Global Consumer Insights, or Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone. Each course gives a unique look at the disciplines included in marketing for a brand or company.

Classes are combined with real-world application for students to actively apply the knowledge learned in the classroom. Graduates of the IMC program know they are prepared to enter the workforce and take on any challenges that they may face from crisis communication to media planning.

Networking and Internship Opportunities for IMC

On the other side of understanding public relations practices in “dual-competency” is industry knowledge. The services provided by Marist allow IMC students to connect with professionals of Public Relations in their desired industry to learn more about landing their dream career. Internships and career opportunities are also an integral part of Marist graduate programs to assist students in working toward their dream career.

The Marist Center for Career Services offers advising on resume and cover letter creation, interviewing, and recruiting programs. The Career Services office can help students contact Marist alumni in the field, and provide extra opportunities for students to attend networking events. Although an internship is not required to complete your degree, they can be helpful in gaining more experience in the public relations industry and can be a great resource for building professional contacts. Students will graduate, prepared for a career in Public Relations.

If you are interested in earning your Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication, contact our Marist Admissions Office to learn how to get started on your application. 

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