Is Marist’s IMC Graduate Degree Program Right For You?

Is Marist’s IMC Graduate Degree Program Right for You? As the Marketing and Communication fields continue to intertwine, choosing a graduate degree has become increasingly difficult. Marist College offers a wide variety of graduate degree programs, including MBA programs, a Master’s of Communication and various others. For future marketers, deciding between an MBA and a Master’s of Communication depends on your career goals and interests.  

Rather than trading one set of skills for another, Marist College provides students with a degree program focused on both marketing and communication skills. The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Graduate degree exposes students to both the marketing and communication fields. Focusing on courses such as social media strategies and brand management and advertising, students will gain the skills needed to pursue a career in the ever-changing and evolving field of marketing.

Integrated Marketing Communication Might be the Right Choice if … 

You Are Interested in Both Business and Communications

For too long, earning an MBA was the only option for communication professionals interested in deepening their business skills. Today, Marist’s MA in IMC program gives students a choice in graduate degrees that is more tailored to careers in the fields of marketing and communication. The IMC degree program focuses on courses such as Marketing Research, Global Consumer Insights, and Analytical Tools for Decision Making, which are all key components to creating and implementing successful marketing strategies. Through these courses, and many others, students gain a greater understanding of the business world and their role within it, as it relates to marketing. 

The Marist IMC program’s well-rounded curriculum was specifically developed by a diverse network of industry professionals and leaders to reflect the real-world challenges that IMC students will face within the business world. Each student is given unique insight into the world of business and communication, which will enhance relevant skill sets and potential career advancement.

You Want to Work While You Earn Your Degree 

The Marist IMC Master’s degree program is tailored for working adults looking to either advance their career or create a new career path. The Marist program can be completed 100% online, without residencies, and within 1-2 years, depending on enrollment as either a full-time or part-time student. Students usually continue to work while taking classes, allowing them to apply what they learn in the classroom to their day-to-day lives. 

You Think Outside of the Box

In marketing, there is no one blueprint for success. What worked yesterday may be outdated tomorrow. Marketers need to understand not only the principles of marketing, as well as the latest tools at hand, but they also need to understand the shifting dynamics of today’s modern business world. The IMC Master’s program gives creative-minded students the ability to think critically and problem solve through a variety of traditional (public relations, advertising) and modern channels (social media, mobile, business analytics).

The IMC program also places a heavy emphasis on creating strategic plans that capture the brand and are consistent across all channels. Today’s audiences are segmented and bombarded with choices. Through the IMC program, students will study tactics for reaching new audiences in the Advertising Management course, learn to apply data to marketing decisions in the Marketing Research course, and master brand image maintenance in the Brand Management course. Applying these skills to marketing campaigns will ensure that Marist IMC graduates will produce high quality, successful marketing plans in their future careers.

You Are Social Media Savvy

Social media has become an increasingly essential component to a successful marketing campaign. Social media marketing serves as an important engagement tool, and helps brands create a positive online persona. Students in the IMC program will learn how to apply existing social media knowledge to business-specific marketing plans to ensure a successful social media campaign.

To underscore the importance of social media, and to ensure all IMC graduates are as prepared as possible for this highly complex world, Marist created the Social Media Strategies and Tactics class. Focusing on various platforms, the Social Media Strategies and Tactics class prepares IMC students to target, engage, and grow a brand’s customers online. Students will learn to apply various other tactics, such as public relations practices and brand management, to the brand’s social media plan in order to maintain cohesive messaging.

You Are Interested in a Variety of Industries and Career Options

An IMC Master’s degree allows graduates to pursue careers across a variety of industries. Marist graduates have gone on to pursue careers as social media managers, brand managers, marketing managers and public relations professionals across a wide range of industries, with companies such as IBM, BMW and Time, Inc.

If most of these statements apply to you, Marist’s IMC graduate degree program might be the right choice. Contact us today to learn more about the Integrated Marketing Communication degree.