What support services are offered for students in the IMC program?

Marist College Integrated Marketing Communication Student Support Services

Students enrolled in the IMC graduate studies degree will have access to support services that can assist with choosing courses and understanding the technology of the program.

View other services associated with Marist College graduate students on the IMC Degree Services page.

Academic Advisor for IMC Students

Considering where you want to take your IMC degree after graduation can be an important step in scheduling your courses. Academic advisors can help students prepare for their dream career in marketing and communications through recruiting programs, resume building, professional associations and conferences.

Advisors will also assist students with program specific issues such as registration for classes, if they should attend part-time or full-time, or if a student would benefit from seeking an internship or professional development opportunity.

Marist Help Desk for IMC Program Technical Assistance

The Marist Help Desk is the number one stop for student questions regarding technology on campus. If you are having an issue with your laptop or Marist's iLearn online course system, direct all concerns to the Marist Help Desk.

The Help Desk is available via phone, email, in-person appointment, or over Skype. For more information on the Marist Help Desk visit their information page.

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