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Master’s in Public Administration Degree

Further Your Law Enforcement, Emergency Management or Criminal Justice Career with a NASPAA-Accredited MPA Degree

The Marist College School of Management has offered the MPA degree program since 1980, and for 20 years has partnered with law enforcement agencies in New York City and Albany to bring the program on-site and online to their respective departments. In recent years, Marist College has extended its academic relationships to include the New York State Fire Prevention and Control departments, national professional associations such as Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) and the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executive (NOBLE), and law enforcement organizations in Florida, California, and beyond.

The professional staff at Marist strives to bridge theory and practice in and outside of the classroom. It is the College’s hope that graduates of the MPA program apply their educational experiences as a way to further their careers in emergency services, criminal justice, and law enforcement.

MPA Program Distinctions

1. Master’s in Public Administrations graduate school students are uniformed and civilian employees working in careers such as law enforcement, fire prevention, or criminal justice careers.
2. The NASPAA-accredited Marist College MPA program for emergency services, law enforcement, and criminal justice is part of the distance education learning program, available 100% online with no residency requirement.
3. Classroom-based graduate level MPA courses are offered in Poughkeepsie (main campus), New York City (Queens) and Albany, NY in a hybrid format combining classroom and online learning.
4. Master’s in Public Administration graduate level classes start every January (Albany and online) and August (Queens, Poughkeepsie, and online) and are offered in an 8-week, accelerated schedule. 
5. Corporate and Organizational Partnerships are available to significantly reduce tuition costs.

Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and Criminal Justice Career Opportunities

Master’s in Public Administration Degree for Law Enforcement Careers

Law enforcement encompasses a broad spectrum of career opportunities, including becoming a police officer, detective, FBI agent, marshal, investigator, or member of the border patrol. Each of these positions is employed through the city, county, state, or federal government level. The Marist Master’s of Public Administration for law enforcement can provide education and insight for just about anyone, regardless of the current stage of their career.  

David Mink, a graduate of the Marist MPA program, works in his local Colonie, New York police force. By returning to Marist to earn his MPA degree for Emergency Services, he has applied his everyday experiences in law enforcement to make the most of his graduate classes. David saw this degree as an opportunity to better himself and his community. Colleagues who have undertaken graduate studies find the credential an asset when seeking promotions to advanced leadership positions.

An MPA Degree for Emergency Management Careers

Emergencies happen in an instant, requiring emergency management experts to plan and enact the proper response. A Marist Master's in Public Administration helps prepare students to deal with situations and crises requiring quick thinking. The MPA for emergency services program was developed for public managers who are interested in advancing their knowledge in the field of public safety. Students will become effective forces in their positions, making ethical management-level decisions related to the field of emergency services management. This specialized cohort prepares managers to respond and provide guidance inherently to public organizations in the midst of a crisis. Student’s education will allow them to face the crisis as leaders in order to address and minimize risk.

Criminal Justice and an MPA Degree

Marist College’s Master's in Public Administration is designed to offer new opportunities for job growth for current criminal justice employees and officials. As someone with professional experience in the criminal justice industry, a Master’s in Criminal Justice may seem like your only option, but choosing to earn an MPA will allow for further career growth. The skills from an MPA degree can be utilized in the criminal justice field, providing you with unique career opportunities you have never before considered. Graduates may hold administrative positions involving policy making in criminal justice agencies, while leading their subordinates. 

To learn more about the exciting Public Administration graduate degree program, contact Marist’s Graduate Admissions at 845.575.3800 or complete the online contact form. The Marist College Graduate Admission department can provide you with detailed information about the program's course of study, special tuition pricing and financial aid options, and career opportunities.

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