Ethics in Criminal Justice

An MPA Degree's Role in Ethical Criminal Justice Practices

An MPA Degrees Role in Ethical Criminal Justice PracticesIn the news today, communities are yearning for more ethical practices in criminal justice, specifically within the criminal justice field. When issues do arise such as police brutality, often upper management of departments are reviewed and questioned to determine the cause. To ensure that police departments are performing their duties ethically it is important for them to be led by ethical criminal justice leaders who respond to the needs of their surrounding communities appropriately and effectively.

Ethics in criminal justice can be viewed firsthand in how police interact with a community and how a community interacts in response. When police are seen as ethical leaders in their community, there is a willingness to be open to dealing with issues such as crime management and people are more likely to be involved in information sharing. It’s when police become or appear to be biased and/ or discriminatory that problems arise.

The Masters in Public Administration for Emergency Services with a concentration in Ethical Leadership can help police officials develop exemplary leadership qualities.

Emergency Services graduate students enrolled in courses such as Administrative Law, Organizational Theory and Change, and Public Budgeting are introduced to the issues and policies of law enforcement and public safety. Supplemented with the courses of the Ethical Leadership concentration, these future leaders of our community can further understand how to use their power and influence to achieve commitment of the public for bettering their community. Public officials will also learn the best practices for negotiations and conflict management focusing on the ethical practices in bargaining and persuasion.

After completing the MPA program at Marist College, graduates are ready to lead emergency services departments and mold the future of ethical decision making among their respective communities. Ethical Leadership, especially among public officials, has become more and more relevant. Take an active roll in changing your community for the better by enrolling for a Master’s in Public Administration for Emergency Services.

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