Global Issues in Public Administration Course

Public Management Course MPA 616

The Global Issues in Public Administration Master’s degree course is designed to cover topics of contemporary and controversial nature, focusing on globalization and international aspects of government.

Through this course students will gain an understanding of the implications global social and economic variations have on the effective practice of public service leadership in an increasingly global environment

The course is geared towards enhancing students understanding of the different ways public administration, public service management and leadership evolve for different global issues, cultures and nations of the world.

Students will be provided with a broad overview and background of global issues in public administration to understand the dynamics of a society in transition, and examine the challenges of public administration in highly diverse societies that comprises people of widely different racial, ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

The ultimate goal of the Global Issues course is to understand the fundamental ways that various cultures, principles and practices vary in communities around the globe, as well as how these global societies impact government practices and citizens. This increased understanding of international and global issues will better equip students to serve as public administrators in the US and around the global.

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