Management in Nonprofit Organizations Course

Pubic Management Course MPA 521

As more programs are operated by nonprofit organizations, public managers of nonprofit organizations must understand the voluntary or third sector.

The Management in Nonprofit Organizations course provides an overview of the history, structure, and role of the nonprofit sector, including how nonprofit agencies differ from public and for-profit entities in mission, governance, funding, and staffing, and will consider current issues facing the nonprofit sector.

The Nonprofit Organizations Management course builds non-profit knowledge and skills in focus areas including; financial management, fundraising, board development, staff and volunteer management, program evaluation, and risk management.

The Master’s in Public Management course covers an introduction to the major issues and challenges leaders and managers face in increasing nonprofit organizations effectiveness.

Management in Nonprofit Organizations Topics Include:

  • Mission statements
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Managerial and financial controls
  • Building organizational
  • Fundraising and revenue generation
  • Marketing and the external environment
  • Volunteer management
  • Governance and boards of directors
  • Evaluation of operations and programs sustainability

Upon completion students will have gained the practical and critical management skills to successfully lead a non-profit organization.

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