Best Master’s Degree for Non-Profit Careers

Advancing Your Career in the Non-Profit Sector

Best Master’s Degree for Non-Profit CareersThe decision to enter into the non-profit sector is often born out of a desire to provide for the greater common good. Though the goals of non-profit organizations seem to rely on a workforce dedicated to causes greater than themselves, this does not preclude non-profit employees from carving out a long and successful career within this sector. If you’re interested in advancing your career in the non-profit sector, earning your online Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) is a good place to start.

Though the goals of non-profit and for-profit organizations may be vastly different, their structures are often similar. Each relies on innovative and educated leaders to grow the organization, and direct it on a path that will maintain long-term success. There’s no greater way to make a positive impact on your community than to expand your knowledge base and skill set, so that you may advance your career and lead your organization into greater prosperity.

If you’re looking for the best Master’s degree for non-profit careers, the Marist MPA gives students the tools to become thought leaders and innovators within the non-profit sector; uniquely positioning graduates with the skills to rise within their organizations. The Marist MPA centers on fostering the development of knowledge, implementing practical management skills, and promoting public service values. Through hands on learning, MPA students put theory to practice, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the non-profit world.

The Marist MPA is divided into three concentrations: Ethical Leadership, Healthcare Administration, and Public Management. Each concentration provides skills to help students succeed in their chosen path.

The Ethical Leadership concentration teaches the basic tenants of leadership and ethical decision-making, which are both critical for anyone looking to advance their career in the non-profit sector.

The Healthcare Administration concentration helps students understand the bigger picture in regards to the industry. Students can expect to learn how to become effective healthcare managers, to develop a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, and to understand the daily issues a healthcare manager must face.

The Public Management concentration is geared towards those aspiring to lead organizations of all sizes. Students gain the knowledge and skills to lead everything from governmental agencies, to NGOs and community-based non-profits.

The best Master’s degree for non-profit careers is the one that gives you the tools to advance your career in the non-profit sector. Whether you’re looking to run the local community outreach program, advance a career in government, or become a C-suite hospital administrator, the Marist MPA program can help you achieve your goals. 


Published by Laura Zurowski

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