How an MPA Degree Can Benefit Your Public Sector Career

Advancing a Public Sector Career Through an MPA Degree

How an MPA Degree Can Benefit Your Public Sector CareerRarely does anyone enter into the public sector for the purposes of getting rich. Though professions within law enforcement, health care, public management, and non-profits can provide a decent living, their main purpose is to serve their communities and its citizens. If you’re interested in becoming a leader for your community, the fastest way to achieve this goal is to advance your career within your chosen profession. And the fastest way for public sector employees to advance their careers is by earning a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) degree.

Much like private sector employees must learn the foundations and principles of their industries in order to succeed, public sector employees must acquire the knowledge, skills, and values to effectively manage in a diverse, technologically engaged society. An MPA degree can benefit your public sector career by fostering the development of knowledge, instilling practical management skills, and promoting values in keeping with the mission of public service.

Since 1980, Marist College has offered an MPA to help those wishing to advance their public sector careers. Through our program, MPA students gain the tools necessary to lead public sector organizations at the local, state, and federal level. Our MPA degree offers concentrations in Ethical Leadership, Healthcare Administration, and Public Management. MPA students apply theory to practice, learning techniques and strategies of decision-making within real-life situations and constraints, which leave them uniquely qualified to lead.

The MPA degree concentrations benefit your public sector career by giving you the option to focus on an area of study that best suits your career goals. In Ethical Leadership, you will learn the basic tenets of leadership and ethical decision-making. Our Healthcare Administration concentration gives students a greater understanding of the healthcare industry as a whole, and prepares them for the unique situations that arise for those managing healthcare on a daily basis. Lastly, the Public Management concentration helps those interested in leading governmental agencies and non-profits to gain the skills required to manage public sector organizations of all sizes.

If you’re interested in helping your community, and your career, an MPA degree can help you achieve both. With the foundational principles you acquire through the Marist College MPA program, you will be able uniquely qualified to overcome the daily challenges of public sector work, and join the next generation of leaders who are helping to strengthen communities throughout America.



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