MPA vs. MBA Degree

Choosing Your School of Management Degree

MPA vs MBA DegreeThe School of Management at Marist College offers both a Master’s of Public Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration. Choosing which degree will suit your needs depends on the type of industry you are interested in pursuing upon graduation, and may even depend on the current position you hold while completing your degree. The Master's in Business Administration is a program for graduate students interested in pursuing finance, banking, systems analysis, and more often times working in the private sector. However, the School of Management also provides the opportunity for graduate students to gain professional experience in management for roles in public sector jobs through the Master’s in Public Administration.

The Difference Between a Master’s in Public and Business Administration

As a graduate student in the MPA program, you have taken the first step toward developing skills to become a professional leader of public policy and management. The program curriculum is designed to advance students’ knowledge of critical issues in public administration and provide tools of assessment to resolve them. Graduate students will become experts in traditional and new technology, which allows them to interact with stakeholders across the globe, as well as gain the ability to make ethical decisions in the diverse, global public sector. Earning a Master’s in Public Administration prepares graduates for these challenges by providing this unique skill set that allows them to develop successfully in public and non-profit careers.

Concentrations of both the MPA and MBA degree touch upon management, ethical leadership, and health care administration, but each in their own unique format. Where an MBA is focusing on managing in the setting of business within a more corporate community, the MPA considers managing with a focus on organizational culture and how it affects the broader community, or public. Where an MBA focuses on health care’s impact on for-profit markets and containing costs, the MPA focuses health care studies on developing strategies to influence health care decisions in public policy. If you’re looking for a degree that will provide you with the knowledge of how current issues play a role in our communities, and the most effective ways to manage those issues for the larger public, then choosing the MPA is the right decision for your graduate degree.

Choosing the Right School of Management Degree

Through and through, each of the Marist graduate programs touches upon the ease of completing curriculum in a flexible space, either 100% online or through a hybrid schedule with some classes in a traditional classroom setting. The MPA offers the same benefits, allowing professionals to complete their degree while simultaneously continuing career development or caring for their families. Earning your MPA and becoming a strong leader in the public and non-profit sector can propel your career in new and exciting directions.

When choosing between earning your MPA and MBA, consider all the factors in curriculum, format, and skills developed. If you choose to become a leader in the public sector and are interested in shaping our greater communities, then the MPA at Marist is the right choice for you. Contact us today to speak with an admission’s representative about earning an MPA or MBA from Marist College.

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