Negotiations and Conflict Management

MBA/MPA 685 Ethical Leadership Course

The Negotiations and Conflict Management course is an introduction to the theory and practice of interpersonal bargaining. Conflict management and negotiation solutions are not confined to just the professional world, students will be able to apply the skills learned through this course to not only professional situations, but personal as well.

The Negotiations and Conflict Management course provides thorough conceptual framework to help MPA students structure their negotiation efforts and develop effective overall strategies in negotiating and conflict management. Students will also learn the key skills and practical steps to successful negotiation in real world situations.

The course will examine various types of bargaining strategies including, planning for negotiations, how to handle negotiation breakdowns, communications, power, persuasion, and ethics in negotiations, as well as international dimensions of bargaining. The pedagogical approach will largely be through experiential learning exercises based on weekly readings. Evaluations of student efforts will be based upon self-reflections, self-assessment, and personal portfolio construction, as well as in-class performance in negotiation sessions and debriefing discussions.

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