Public Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree

Earning a Public Sector Healthcare Graduate Degree 

Earn a Public Healthcare Administration Master’s DegreeWith America’s ever changing and growing healthcare system, there is a need for educated health care professionals and leaders with extensive knowledge, insight, and problem solving skills. Since 1980, Marist College has supported and accommodated students who are looking to earn their Public Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree.

Students seeking to earn a public sector healthcare graduate degree can enroll in the Master’s in Public Administration Healthcare Administration program. All MPA students are required to take eight core requirement courses, building a diverse foundation of public administration theoretical knowledge. As it relates to healthcare administration, Marist will provide guidance for students looking to face problems unique to the healthcare sector, including extensive regulation, reimbursement and profitability difficulties, and managing a highly educated and diverse workforce.

Earning a public sector health care graduate degree for full-time students can be completed in no more than two years, and part-time students no more than three. Marist hopes to accommodate all students, offering both online and on-site classes. Like undergraduate classes, Marist will assign all MPA students an academic advisor who will guide them through the process of obtaining the degree. Technology and academic services will be accessible to all students, regardless of whether you complete your degree online or on campus.

Marist Healthcare Administration graduates leave prepared to handle complex new developments in technology, economics, ethics, finance, policy, and management. They will join a successful alumni pool who are employed in local, state, and federal agencies throughout the country. 

Start advancing your career today and earn your Master’s degree through one of our online or on-campus graduate degree programs. Contact Marist College with any questions you may have about earning your Public Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree.

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