What is an MPA Degree?

Earn Your Master’s in Public Administration

Earn Your Master’s in Public AdministrationA Master’s in Public Administration degree at Marist College offers concentrations in four distinct areas: public management, health care, law enforcement, and ethical leadership. Students enrolled in the program can choose from any of the four concentrations to expand their skills for a lifelong career in non-profit or public sector jobs. Earn your MPA at Marist and take advantage of this unique and challenging program.

The MPA degree is designed to prepare graduate students in areas of management decision-making and public policy development, and evaluation in managerial and administrative roles. All students enrolled in the program complete a series of eight core requirement courses to build a foundation of public administration theoretical knowledge. These core requirements focus on general topics such as public budgeting, administrative law, technology, program planning, evaluation, and organizational culture. Building the basis of what public administration involves helps graduate students understand the role that the public has in society and how we, as individuals, can work to improve community life.

Building off of the core requirements, each concentration focuses on helping public administration officials become ethical leaders in their communities. As a public servant it is important to keep in mind that your decisions affect the communities you work in. Leading with ethical standards will only serve to improve your ability to problem solve the contemporary issues that have arisen in many public sectors, specifically health care. Each concentration devotes a course to the ethical and critical issues taking place in today’s public sector. The mission of the MPA program at Marist is to develop professionals in public administration who strive for social change that benefits the public good.

As in every area of the public world, globalization is increasingly relevant. Our world is affected by the changes that take place in communities of all sizes throughout the world. Our economy is reliant upon resources and services from foreign countries, which must succeed in order for us to thrive. As a student of public administration you will learn about global developments impacting the world and how to best address the issues they raise. Each concentration will discuss topics on a national and international level, and create comparisons of these critical issues.

The Master’s in Public Administration degree at Marist develops leaders in the public sector, and the curriculum is designed to give students the broad understanding of how the world works. Students are challenged to think outside of the box on contemporary issues and relate them to the historical patterns of public administration. MPA students who complete the program are prepared for a career in the public sector and are efficient and ethical leaders for our public communities.

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