MA in School Psychology Third Year Courses

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PSYH 701, 702, 703, 704
School Psychology Internship/Seminar I, II, III & IV
6 Credits total
The school psychology internship and seminars are designed to give interns the opportunity to translate and continue to develop their strong theoretical background into sound professional practice. Through the practical experience, the school psychology intern is given the opportunity and the support he or she will need to function as an effective school psychologist.
The seminars focus on integrating and applying the intern's knowledge of psychology within a school setting. Topics include: (1) the history and foundations of school psychology, (2) current and future perspectives in school psychology, (3) legal, ethical, and legislative issues in the provision of school psychological services, and (4) school psychological interventions with a focus on children, staff, and programs. Students serve as interns for 1,200 hours in a state-approved public school setting during the academic year. Students register for PSYH 701 and 703 during the fall and PSYH 702 and 704 during the spring semester. All placements must be approved by the internship coordinator. Marist no longer offers the option of completing a 600 hour part-time internship.
Prerequisites: PSYH 600, PSYH 601, PSYH 602, PSYH 610, PSYH 611, PSYH 616, PSYH 617, PSYH 618, PSYH 625 or PSYH 630, PSYH 705, PSYH 706, EPSY 505, and EPSY 510