International Undergraduate Students

Marist welcomes international undergraduate students interested in studying in the United States. International students looking to complete their bachelor's degree will find a pleasant, friendly attitude among the College's students, faculty, and administrators. Small classes encourage a personal and in-depth approach to learning, and the residential campus community fosters close friendships and active involvement in campus life.

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Who is an international student?

You are considered an international student if you are not currently a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.



Read Interviews with International Students at Marist

  Modena, Italy International Business Administration New York  Samantha Gwiza  Samantha Wignal  Bob Emmanuel Nkubara
Camilla Caffo Samantha Gwiza Samantha Wignal Bob Nkubara
 Francesco Galletti  Clara Holm  Timbille Kulendi  Daniela Gomez Barrientos
Francesco Galletti Clara Holm
 Amal Mohamed  Natnael G Mengistu    
Amal Mohamed Natnael Mengistu    


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