MART Job Description

The Marist Alumni Recruiting Team (MART) assists prospective Marist students, and their families, learn about life at Marist College. MART members are volunteers and uniquely qualified ambassadors that are an invaluable resource for Marist College as we recruit new students, increase our visibility and establish a strong alumni network. The MART Program plays a pivotal role in the continuing success of the College. Member interactions with prospective students, and families, are an important aspect of Marist's recruitment of superior undergraduate applicants. Your involvement, no matter how great or small, will have a tremendous impact on the lives of our prospective students .... YOU may be the reason a student chooses Marist!

MART members participate in a variety of activities, including:

College Fairs: Represent Marist at local college fairs or information nights, located in close proximity to your home or office. College fairs typically take place in the evening, however morning fairs are sometimes available. MART members are asked to provide fundamental information about Marist and answer questions from prospective students and parents.

Regional Receptions: Regional receptions typically take place in the fall and spring, and are often hosted at hotels or the homes of alumni. These events include a presentation by a member of the admission committee, questions and answers, and time for students to network with alumni. 

Accepted Student Letter Writing Campaign: Write one letter and we will distribute it to accepted students from your area and those who are graduating from your high school. This allows accepted students to communicate with a local ambassador or someone who went to their high school and attended Marist, what they are considering doing. At this time, students are seeking a fresh perspective, something alumni can easily provide.

Open House: Return to campus in April and meet all of the accepted students. This allows MART members the chance to meet students they've been interacting with throughout the year and also reacquaint themselves with campus.  

Refer Passionate Alumni: The MART program wants passionate alums to join the program. Refer fellow alumni to the MART program and tell them to join at