MART: Member News

Cindie Palumbo ’09 discovers her dream job at the NY Knicks College Fair: "As I was setting up the Marist table at the New York Knicks College Fair, the nerves kicked in. Would I be able to do this? I hadn’t talked to students about Marist since my time as a admissions assistant earlier that year. At this point, I was working at another college in their financial aid office, and I was in a rut..." (Read the entire story)

Julie Lavin ’09 lands her first job at her first college fair: “The Sacred Heart Academy college fair on September 24th was my first of five fairs. After setting up all of our materials, my friend, Sara, and I were ready to represent Marist and the Admission Office. As a surprise to me, after speaking with one mother and daughter for a solid ten minutes about Marist, the mother returned an hour later to give me her business card…” (Read the entire story)

Marie Wicks ’86 & Andrew Soucheck ’08 take pride in representing Marist: “The close proximity to our homes was one reason why Andrew and I were able to attend this particular fair, we were also familiar with the school. Several students at Chaminade are very active in my parish and Andrew is a graduate of Chaminade high school…” (Read the entire story)