Major Companies Key for Technology Partnerships

Computer Science and Information Technology Students Gain Real-World Skills

Marist has several key benefits of its location in the Hudson River Valley. While many applaud the college for having a beautiful and pristine campus, what is often overlooked are the many connections with major corporations that are located in the region. Many of these companies cooperate with Marist College in hosting joint study programs, where the companies are able to employ students with computer science or information technology and systems backgrounds as interns to help facilitate large projects with the companies.

One such example is the Goldman Sachs Technology Scholar program. This program was started in part by Goldman Sachs Global COO of the Technology Division Don Duet, a Marist Class of 1988 graduate. Duet led the recommendation for Goldman Sachs to make a $336,000 donation to fund three full scholarships for Computer Science or Information Technology majors as part of a new Goldman Sachs Technology Scholarship Fund at Marist. In addition, students are mentored by Goldman Sachs technology executives and have opportunities for summer employment with the company.

“From my vantage point at Goldman Sachs, I see an ever-greater need for graduates in STEM majors (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) who have a deep understanding of these complex fields,” Duet stated at the time. “My hope is that these scholarships will support just that kind of higher learning.”

“All incoming freshmen with computer science or information technology science majors are reviewed for possible qualification for Goldman Sachs technology scholarship,” states Mary Ann Hoffmann, the associate dean of the School of Computer Science at Marist. She states that the first three students are beginning to apply for internships and joint study programs.

Opportunities for scholarships and joint studies are not just limited to Goldman Sachs. Just down the road from the college is the IBM Systems Executive Briefing Center, one of the largest employers in the region and a leading innovator of the company’s technological advances. A major player in the Hudson Valley since 1948, the company has had a longstanding relationship with Marist College, providing computers to both the on-campus computer labs and students wishing to purchase a student laptop. In addition, a joint-study program has been run between IBM and Marist since 1988, keeping Marist up-to-date on the latest technology, and allowing hundreds of computer science and IT students the opportunity to have hands-on work for a leading company in their field.  

One of the students that have benefited from IBM’s presence at Marist is Senior Kelly Maud. Maud was able to work in a joint study program at Marist with IBM. At her internship, she worked on ADVAlanche, a project to optimize network bandwidth for companies. She returned to the joint study program a year later, working in the system test department with the company’s Watson suite of products.

“Both of these internships have prepared me for ‘real world programming,’” Maud explained, stating that her work with the company has given her the opportunity to work for IBM in Raleigh, North Carolina after college.

Other companies that partner with Marist for scholarships and joint study programs include Cisco, Morgan Stanley, and EMC. In addition, there are opportunities within Marist for technology students to work in competitive hands-on environments. Marist is home to the New York State Cloud Computing and Analytics Center, which was established in 2012 to provide IT services for new and growing businesses in the Hudson Valley and the rest of New York State.

Written by Gregory Rycharski ‘16

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