Megan McElduff- Fishkill, NY



My transfer experience here at Marist has been absolutely amazing! I transferred from a large university where I felt very disconnected from the school and overwhelmed with its size. When I was looking to transfer, I was hesitant when considering Marist because I am local and I was not sure I wanted to be so close to home. However, I absolutely could not pass up everything Marist has to offer. The Business program at Marist is excellent and the community is wonderful. I knew Marist was going to be the perfect fit. I was initially worried about the transition to a new school, but everything went very smoothly and the Marist community has been more than welcoming.

At Marist I have joined Habitat for Humanity, Marist Circle K, and have a great job on campus with the Athletic Department. There are so many activities to get involved in here at Marist that it is almost impossible to not find something you would be interested in! Both of the clubs I joined were very welcoming and were excited to have new members. 

meganmI also plan on studying abroad in the future, which was something I was worried about missing out on as a transfer student. However my advisor was able to help me create a plan that would allow me to study abroad while still continuing on the right path with my course work. 

So far, my best experience at Marist has been with the faculty. All of my professors and advisors have been so helpful and generous with their time and advice. I heard that the Marist community is like a family; I can personally say it most certainly is. After a month of school, I do not feel as though I am a transfer student anymore and I am looking forward to continuing to take advantage of all of the opportunities Marist College has to offer.