Marist Email for Life

NOTICE TO ALUMNI: If you have already activated your Marist account and have not recently changed your password, you MUST do so before using your account again. For security purposes, Marist requires that all passwords be changed every 180 days. You can change your password online at

If you don't remember your previous password, please read the instructions available at

Tired of changing your email address and having to notify your friends and family of the change? Now you have an address that is available to you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

All Marist College alumni are eligible for free alumni accounts which allow them access to:

  • FoxMail
  • Online Alumni Career Network
  • Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions Discounts
  • Computer Access in the James A. Cannavino Library and Donnelly Hall Computer Lab
  • FoxWeb

To request your free alumni account, go to

If you are a recent graduate and/or are already using your personal name account, you do not need to re-apply. If you do not remember your password, please contact the HELP Desk at 845-575-HELP (4357) or

Benefits of Email for Life:

  • FoxMail - a free internet email program similar to Hotmail, Google and Yahoo*
  • Campus Network Access - use a Marist computer or a personal computer with unrestricted network access on both the Marist wired and wireless network. This includes access to Marist services such as iLearn and FoxMail, the capability to check personal and corporate email, and the ability to browse the Internet. The only exception is the Cannavino Library database.
  • Online Alumni Career Network - more than 900 Marist alumni members are available for career mentoring and job placement assistance
  • Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions alumni discounts - receive 10% off test prep and admissions programs
  • Internet and Microsoft Office programs on computers in the James A. Cannavino Library (this does not include research databases) and the Donnelly Hall Computer Lab (which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week).
  • FoxWeb - personal web space available to students, staff, faculty and alumni of Marist College; Marist administration reserves the right to deactivate the web space of anyone who uses FoxWeb in an unlawful and/or unethical manner

*Your address is your* and it will never change. FoxMail provides standard email features such as folders for efficient email management, a signature file, an address book and email forwarding so you can use it as your primary email address or you can forward your FoxMail to another account that you frequently use. For example, you may currently give out your business email address because it is the one you check daily. You can now provide your FoxMail address, which is easy for your friends and family to remember because it's your, and simply forward your FoxMail to your business address. That way you don't have to check two mailboxes and if you change your employer, you don't have to inform your friends and family of your new address. Just redirect your FoxMail to your new primary email address. You can also have your FoxMail address printed on personal correspondence or business cards and never have to worry that it will change. If you prefer to use Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. as your primary email facility, just forward your FoxMail to that address.

* some alumni addresses will include a random number and/or your middle initial so as to avoid name collisions