What's all this "buzz" about our Alumni Participation Rate?

A high Alumni Participation Rate for the Marist Fund carries weight in U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges ranking. According to the report, there is a strong correlation between the most highly-regarded liberal arts colleges in the country and their Alumni Participation Rate for the school's annual giving campaign. Increasing our Alumni Participation Rate is one way Marist can move up in this important industry ranking. In the end, a higher ranking in U.S. New & World means our alma mater is recognized as the excellent liberal arts college that we all know it is!

As Marist improves its Alumni Participation Rate -- with the help of alumni like you - - it can continue to move up in the national rankings. The College, in turn, will be able to attract even more high-quality students; continue to recruit outstanding faculty; and improve key programs, while increasing financial support from foundations, corporations and other donors like you.

No matter the size of your gift, please consider participating in the Marist Fund campaign this year. Your personal involvement in the campaign can send a strong signal to your former classmates, your fellow alumni and to potential students and donors.