Why Give to the Marist Fund?

Supporting Marist means different things to different alumni. In the end, it's about finding your way to contribute to the College's future and personally give back to a place that played a part of who you are today.

There's no doubt that Marist students and graduates are and will be shaping the future of our world. Marist's strategic mission is all about creating leaders for the 21st Century -- and your financial support can contribute to that legacy.

Supporting Marist can signify a nod to the past; a vote for the future of the College; a re-validation of your own degree; and/or a very real way in which you can play a role in "opening the door to endless possibilities" for Marist students and faculty, each year.

The need is real. Your support is key. Please consider making -- or increasing your gift to the Marist Fund today!