Where in the World is the Class of 2011?

As the Class of 2011 departed campus after graduation, new adventures were beginning; many were continuing their education, and others starting new careers. This map is a sampling of some of those destinations.

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Beginning with the spring of 2011, data was collected concerning both graduate school plans and employment through an opt-in response to an informal questionnaire. Information was collected on the graduate.s school, major, employer and position (or school and program). Employment data exhibited a wide range of employers from top international corporations to not-for-profits and small business.

The graduate school destinations included Ivy League schools (Columbia, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania) as well as the so-called .Public Ivies. (Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, SUNY-Binghamton, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, University of Maryland, and University of Virginia). The type of graduate programs these students are attending cover a broad spectrum, and include law (JD), medicine (MD, Physical Therapy/DPT, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry/OD, Physician.s Assistant/PA, Osteopathic Medicine/DOM), psychology (masters in: school counseling, guidance counseling, mental health counseling, forensic mental health counseling, occupational therapy, speech pathology, athletic counseling; doctoral studies in clinical psychology, school psychology, culture and communication), the sciences (doctoral programs in biology and chemistry), mathematics (both masters and doctoral programs .both pure and applied mathematics), education (masters studies in special education, literacy education, mathematics education, secondary biology education), social work (MSW), business (MBA.s in taxation, accounting), and history (masters and doctoral programs). This information is also included on the Marist web page providing information on graduate school applications:   http://www.marist.edu/careerservices/gsinfo.html

Students that opted-in for the survey provided permission to list their success on the Center for Career Services home page.

Using a large red M, individual students are identified with their current location identifying each by name and major and the name of their employer and position title or the graduate program they are enrolled in. This map is being constantly updated as new responses are received.