Apply for Jobs

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Determine Your Career Profile Research Majors and Career Options Gain Experience in Your Field Apply for Jobs & Graduate Schools

iconMake an appointment with an advisor in Career Services for job search assistance.

iconTalk with a career adviser about your marketing plan or contact alumni in your field who could give you a leg up in their organizations.

iconReview the Career Guide: A Resource for Students & Alumni to learn about job hunting and get your job search tools together . resume, cover letter, references.

iconPractice your interviewing skills by setting up a mock interview or using software such as Interview Stream.

iconPurchase a business suit to wear to interviews and a portfolio to carry resumes.

iconIdentify and contact employment references . three to five professional people (professors, work supervisors, coaches, etc, - who can support you in your job search.

iconLearn to use Internet job services effectively.

iconResearch employers in your field and prepare a target list; submit your resume online.

iconAttend on and off campus career events to network with employers.

iconParticipate in off and on campus interviews and attend career fairs.

Consider enrolling in Employment Practicum (CRDV100N--1 credit) to accomplish the steps above in a course environment.

Apply to Graduate Schools

iconTalk with your academic advisor or another faculty member in your field.

iconMake an appointment with the Graduate School & Fellowship Advisor at the Career Services.

iconUse Internet and other resources to become familiar with graduate school programs.

iconTalk with a career advisor about a back-up job search plan in case you are not accepted to graduate school.

iconRegister for the appropriate entrance examination; consider enrolling in a study course or use study ware on campus to prepare for entrance exams.

iconPrepare an appropriate resume to include with your application.

iconLine up academic references by establishing a Reference File at Career Services.

iconObtain and fill out graduate school, assistantship/fellowship and financial aid applications.

iconVisit campuses and talk with faculty and students; sit in on classes.

iconSend in deposit to school of your choice after acceptance decisions are made.

iconIf you are not accepted to the program of your choice, consider taking courses on a non-matriculated basis; then re-apply the following semester/year.

Consider enrolling in Get Ready to Apply to Graduate School (CRDV106N - 1 credit - offered in spring semester only) to accomplish all of the steps above in a course environment.

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